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No. 4 USC confronts Texas on Saturday in the groups’ first matchup since the Longhorns beat the Trojans in the incredible 2006 Rose Bowl for the BCS national title. The rematch, obviously, has invoked recollections of that epic amusement: Pete Carroll versus Mack Brown. Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush versus Vince Young. No. 1 versus No. 2.

It has been more than a long time since the crown gem of the BCS period was played, but despite everything it reverberates with devotees of school football — and the players and mentors who partook in it.

Thus it goes for Lane Kiffin.Kiffin, co-hostile organizer on that 2005 USC squad, helped the Trojans gather 574 yards of aggregate offense and 30 initially downs in the Trojans’ 41-38 misfortune, one that still impacts him right up ’til the present time.

Wearing News got up to speed with Kiffin, now head mentor at Florida Atlantic, to get an insider’s point of view on that acclaimed 2006 Rose Bowl — and what he thinks about the current USC group.

Wearing News: To begin off, as that amusement came, did you get the inclination that it would come last possible minute and be as epic as it wound up being?

Path Kiffin: I thought early, however then I didn’t when we took, I don’t know what it was, a 12-point lead possibly? I felt that it was certainly sort of going our direction. We’d won 34 straight diversions at the time, so all we knew was winning, and we were an awesome final quarter group over those three years. Clearly we played a decent group with a remarkable player (in Vince Young) I think had a significant effect. He touched the ball each snap. The play that dependably frequents us is the fourth down, we don’t make it, likely would have finished the diversion by then. A play that had been exceptionally fruitful all year — and in that amusement, had just scored a touchdown. So an extraordinary employment on that protective stop — we expected to change over that.

SN: What was the environment like in that locker room after the diversion?

LK: Just sudden stunning exhibition. You got the opportunity to recall, 34 straight diversions. That is a considerable measure of diversions. So you got kids that have been with both of you years, three years, that hadn’t lost an amusement. Also, to lose a diversion like that — it was so close, essentially was a one-play amusement — was extremely troublesome. You win three straight national titles. I don’t perceive to what extent it’ll be before a group gets to a place like that … playing for three straight national titles. It might never happen again. It was extreme.

SN: How extreme would it say it was to put that misfortune behind you the accompanying season?

LK: It was hard. It was quite a while. I feel that, when we won a national title at Alabama two years prior, it was 10 years. Since I recall it being, at last 10 years after the fact, in a national title diversion.

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SN: You instructed in that 2015 title amusement, a diversion that was close amongst Alabama and Clemson. Are those two recreations even practically identical to you?

LK: It had a feeling that it. There were a few times later in that amusement, where you can’t handle Deshaun Watson, he’s beating every one of us over the place. Furthermore, it was somewhat creepy, similar to it had sort of a Texas feel like, “Here we go once more, playing a high-scoring amusement. We’re not going to have the capacity to get this person on the ground.”

SN: What was it like for you, after 10 years, training in another national title diversion and beating the competition?

LK: It was extraordinary. It wasn’t care for it eradicates that terrible memory. It was quite recently that we’d won a national title. It wasn’t generally much in helping that terrible memory.

SN: Would you say that awful memory’s still with you?

LK: I don’t think it ever will (clear out). Individuals say, ‘It was a 41-38 amusement, you did entirely great on offense’ however there’s constantly one play that could have gone diverse to win.

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SN: Did you ever trust, either the next year or as a head mentor at USC, that you’d get another shot at Texas?

LK: I didn’t generally consider it like that. … I never had this abhorrence against Texas, it was not at all like that. It was progressively that we lost the amusement. We ought to have won. It wasn’t about them, it was about us and what we ought to have improved the situation.

SN: What do you think made that diversion so fantastic?

LK: Well, three Heisman finalists, two of them winning it, seemingly whether Vince Young ought to have won one. (Matt) Leinart, (Reggie) Bush, it was quite recently that by itself: star control. You had the L.A. group, a great deal of L.A. kids here, versus the Texas group. Also, it simply happens to be at the Rose Bowl. It was No. 1 versus No. 2. It was only an extraordinary blend of things. I think you had two Hall of Fame mentors (in Pete Carroll and Mack Brown). You have amazing quarterbacks playing, and the Reggie figure works there. It was only an exceptional, one of a kind day of incredible players and two extraordinary head mentors.

SN: You had awesome players in Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush and LenDale White. What do you think about USC’s trio of Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones and Stephen Carr?

LK: We played early, so I got to get a couple of drives (against Stanford) on Saturday. They do sort of have that flavor to them. The back, I saw him run and jump into the end zone, sort of had some Reggie to him. What’s more, we played that group a year ago when we were at Alabama, so clearly they’ve made considerable progress from that opening diversion a year back. Also, quarterback’s a major piece of it. Quarterbacks make mentors great; quarterbacks make mentors awful now and again as well. They lost 52-6 or something and afterward they exchanged quarterbacks. (Darnold’s) truly uncommon, I caught wind of him for quite a while. Heard individuals discussing him like he’s a program-characterizing, top-10 pick — and that was the point at which he was still in secondary school.